The Managers

For the whole of the period before World War One, Wednesday had resisted the temptation to appoint a manager, the responsibility being with secretary Arthur Dickinson, working with the board. It was not to be criticised, for during this period the club enjoyed great success, winning both the FA Cup and the League Championship twice.

In 1919-20, Wednesday were relegated and this prompted the board to appoint Bob Brown as their first professional secretary-manager. He was to last 13 years in the job and restored the club’ s fortunes with one Second Division title and two League Championships. Although Eric Taylor was to spend longer in the job, the intervening war years mean that Bob Brown’ s 13 seasons were the longest in playing terms. Since then the average number of seasons for each of the previous 17 managers has been just under four years. The four months that Peter Eustace spent as manager being the shortest.

Four managers have both played for, and managed the club - Derek Dooley, Howard Wilkinson, Peter Eustace and Trevor Francis. Jimmy McMullan, a Scot, is the only non-english manager, he also played for his country and captained the ‘ Wembley Wizards’ who beat England 5-1 in 1928. Billy Walker, Jack Charlton and Trevor Francis are the other managers who won international caps as players.

 Manager                 Start             End

Bob Brown              June 1920     December 1933
Billy Walker       December 1933     November 1937
Jimmy McMullan     December 1937        April 1942
Eric Taylor           April 1942         July 1958
Harry Catterick      August 1958        April 1961
Vic Buckingham          May 1961        March 1964
Alan Brown             July 1964     February 1968
Jack Marshall      February 1968        April 1969
Danny Williams         July 1969      January 1971
Derek Dooley        January 1971     December 1973
Steve Burtenshaw    January 1974      October 1975
Len Ashurst         October 1975      October 1977
Jack Charlton       October 1977          May 1983
Howard Wilkinson       June 1983      October 1988
Peter Eustace       October 1988     February 1989
Ron Atkinson       February 1989          May 1991
Trevor Francis         June 1991          May 1995
David Pleat            June 1995

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