Miscellaneous Football Pages

Here are a collection of links to various other Web football sites. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these links and although I will endeavour to keep them up to date things may get outdated. When the word "soccer" appears it is through the choice of the person providing the page - to me it's always football.

Pure Web - links to almost every football URL in the world

Rec.sport.soccer - a good place to start looking for UK football related information

Premiership FAQ

International Soccer Server - european and scandinavian footballing information

English League

FIFA rules

Football terms

The rules for bookings and suspensions

Leading goalscorers in the premiership

Premiership Fair Play Table

Classic football quotes

The 1994 World Cup


Total Football - UK Football Magazine

In the back of the net - McEwans front end to lots of football related pages.

The Official FA Premiership Pages

English Soccer stats page - Info on lots of clubs

Net.Soccer soccer management game - Internet WWW soccer management game - pay as you play.

Snickers Euro 96 Pages